Deepwater Acropora Care

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The corals known as deepwater Acropora, are the species you find below the 15 to 18 meter mark. Most Acropora require strong lighting and don’t thrive below these depths, but deepwater Acropora is adapted to these unique conditions.
The common deepwater Acropora have very elongated branchlets, spaced out corallites, and a smooth coenosteum. In the wild, these species are mostly brown to tan in color. But lately we have seen more and more beautiful specimens coming in, wildcap and maricultured.

As you can see on the picture below, red and green light penetrates less deeper then blue and violet. That is the reason deepwater Acropora thrives better with moderate intensity, blue lighting. I experience that they do very well under T5 lighting with mostly blue and Actinic T5’s.

The care for Deepwater species is not much harder or different then with other Acropora’s, if you consider their specific needs; moderate light, moderate flow and light at the blue end of the spectrum. One important note, they are more sensitive to coral pest dips, especially Iodine dips. Keep that in mind, and dip them not as long as you’re used to with other Acropora.

The common deepwater species are:
Acropora Suharsonoi
Acropora Caroliniana
Acropora Multiacuta
Acropora Granulosa
Acropora Lokani
Acropora Derawanensis
Acropora Elegans
Acropora Echinata
Acropora Pichoni
Acropora Batunai

Also check my article on Reefbuilders about one of the most beautiful Deepwater Acropora, Acropora Suharsonoi.

Below some Deepwater Acropora eye-candy!

Let me know what your experiences are with deepwater Acropora. And take a look at my aquarium with many deepwater species!

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