Apogon Reef, august 14 2012

Posted on August 14, 2012 | 2 comments

We came back from Italy with a lot of energy and new ideas two weeks ago. Apogon Reef was in good condition after two weeks of our absence, the only thing is that we have been battling a small outbreak of Cyano and Green algae.

To get rid of them we did two 50% water changes, skimmed very wet and filtering over 1 liter of Seachem Phosban. It looks like were winning the battle.

Besides that we incorporated a new idea. We now  use a Eheim canister filter, filled with Siporax and Zeolites. The flow is very slow, about 150 liter/hour. 1 ampul of Prodibio Bio Digest and 1 ml Vinegar is added in the intake of the filter daily. Nitrates and Phosphates were unmeasurable before this filter, but we notice better and brighter colored SPS.

Now some fresh photo’s of today. The pictures appear a bit blue, this because all the T5 are blue, with every white bulb I took out we noticed an increase in the coloration and health in the deepwater Acropora.

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  1. Looking good Leonardo.

  2. Thanks!!

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