Aquarium Design

Posted on July 30, 2012 | 0 comments

Let us design your perfect tank;

What type of tank do I want? Is that theme going to work in the space we have selected? Will these colors work, I am spending a substantial amount of money, how do I know what I will be getting?

Put all your worries aside. The artistic concepts and renderings will be as beautiful as the finished product. The first step to your project is either sitting down with our artists or conferencing using the latest in telecommunications technology. There is no need to travel across the world to visit us for these initial steps. We will “virtually” come to you. Communicate to us your ideas and we will collaborate those with our unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities to deliver a man-made work of art filled with the beauty of mother-nature.

The second step of the design process is presenting the conceptual designs and making any changes that you may see fit.

Most importantly, we will take your concept and bring it to life by turning them into manufacturing designs by use of CAD and 3D illustrations.

Our Goal: To Understand your requirements, identify specific goals and objectives to refine your vision into a viable design.

Key steps we follow:

  • Review and brainstorm drawings and ideas to developa viable concept
  • Visit the site to determine if the concept is feasibile to build cost effectively
  • Ensure the preliminary project construction budget are feasible
  • Develop the concept or exhibit to identify the most viable “wet story”.
  • Liase with engineering and construction teams to identify other construction elements that may effect both timings and cost and the final design concept.

Our Goal: To bring your vision to life by refining the concept, developing construction documents and initiating the tender process (if required).

Key steps we follow:

  • Refine conceptual requirements into a construction program
  • Develop renderings, scale models and work flow logic statements for approval.
  • Our concept designers and specialist engineers work hand in hand with local engineering teams to create a full set of drawings for project construction, thus avoiding potential local building code issues.
  • We then provides a full set of construction specifications, a full set of bid forms that define the scope of work and advises the client during the bid and tender process.