Aquarium Installation

Posted on July 28, 2012 | 0 comments

The Perfect Tank, Installed Perfectly;

Installation of your new tank or water feature is not your ordinary fish tank install.

All public and corporate aquariums created by Leonardo’s Reef around the world receive ongoing professional maintenance. Everything will be meticulously installed to perfection so that you can have a worry free start-up and have the confidence that everything was done right the first time. While annual checks are usually carried out by Leonardo’s Reef, weekly or monthly work is carried out by maintenance staff or on site aquarists. In the case of smaller aquariums, highly experienced aquarium maintenance providers are sourced locally and given system specific overviews and maintenance manual training.
Leonardo’s Reef provides all levels of specialist aquarium staff and team training to ensure your staff or local aquarium maintenance suppliers are completely comfortable with the operation of your aquarium. This means you won’t have to become aquarium expert yourself! With the services of a trained aquarist or aquarium maintenance company your aquarium will continue to look as beautiful as the day we installed it.