Apogon Reef, Some More Photos!

Posted on June 20, 2012 | 3 comments

Some fresh photo’s from today of Apogon Reef. This time some more close up pictures from the deep water Acropora tables and other corals.  Let me know what you want so see else!

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  1. Hi Leonardo,
    Fantastic Photos 🙂 What additives are you using at the moment. And what parameters are you aiming for with this system?

  2. Thanks Nicolas! I use 1 ml Seachem Trace Elements and 2 drops of Tropic Marin Iodine every day. For Ca and Alk I use the Balling Light method from Fauna Marin.
    I aim for NSW parameters, KH 7-8, Ca 430 and Mg 1350

    Regards Leonardo

  3. Hello! I also attached T5 lighting and (LEDVARTEX).
    Coral became beautiful very much.
    Neither I nor the rock that there is no sand in a bottom and was useful at it is used.
    It became the rock which put the rock of the artifact to sleep for one year, and was useful.
    Although not put in, when white 店病 (Cryptocaryon irritans) breaks out in a coral tank, what does it do a fish now?

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