Apogon Reef: Tank has Been Delivered!

Posted on July 25, 2011 | 7 comments

General Info:

After months of planning, the new tank has been delivered in my new apartment! I will give a short introduction of the idea behind this tank.

The new tank -Apogon Reef- will be Apogon dominated. That means +75 Apogon, several species.
Not too many, large Acropora will provide shelter for the very high flow (2x 6301 and Tunze Wavebox).
The Apogons (and the corals indirectly) will be fed from dusk till dawn, many automated feedings in small amounts, to mimic their natural feeding pattern.

A BB setup allows me to use high flow and heavy feeding.


60 Apogon Leptacanthus
20 Apogon margaritophorus
1 Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
1 Salarias Fasciatus
1 Acanthurus Triostegus

Some other fish may be added later on. For example some Wrasse species.

Info about the tank and equipment:

The dimensions of the tank are: 43″ x 34″ x 22″ high. The tank alone, without sump, is 135 Gallon. There is an external overflow on the right side, so the tank can sit flush to the back wall. All edges are polished.

Apogon reef


14 x 39 watt T5 using ATI Sunpower Pendants and ATI bulbs
LED Supplement (CREE XP-E Royal Blue, Blue and Cool White)
2x Tunze 6205 on multicontroller 2x Tunze 6301 on multicontroller
Tunze Wavebox
Eheim 1262 Return Pump
Grotech TEC III Controller for Balling+ Trace Elements

And the first pictures of the tank! The Tempex under the tank will be hidden with a decorative strip. Suggestions and comments are well appreciated!

Please check back soon for more updates!

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  1. Looking good 🙂

  2. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Looking good Leonardo … Has the makings of a great build. Will be watching with interest … Best of luck with all.

  4. Awesome tank~!!

    Overflow box is also made of glass?

    If I will make new tank, I want external overflowbox like yours.

  5. Duuuude! Come on when are you gonna make an update on this tank?

    Need inspiration 🙂

  6. Nice tank Leo, that external overflow system looks promissing. How is it going to be connected up? You gonna use 3 standpipes?

    Who build you tank?


  7. Hello Jochem, the tank is up and running for a year already. http://www.leonardosreef.com/2012/06/apogon-reef-new-photos/
    One pipe is drain, one emergengy drain. The third is for return.

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