Leonardo’s Lagoon

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Aquarium Profile

The aquarium is a custom build shallow rimless all glass tank, measuring 63″ x 44″ x 14″. The total system incl. Sump is 210 Gallon in volume. The overflow is positioned on the back of the tank, on the whole width.
The stand is a wooden frame, with removable panels, for easy access to the sump and equipment. The aquarium has an open top, so there is no canopy.


I build a light rack out of light-weight aluminum. The whole rack was powdercoated after construction. Lighting consists two 400 Watt Aqua-Connect SE MH, and two 2×80 watt T5 with Aqua-Science bulbs.
I ran my HQI for 6 hours a day and the T5 for 12 hours.


The flow was provided by 3 Tunze 6101 pumps and a 6201 pump, pulsing 30-100% every 10 seconds, creating a random flow throughout the tank.


I personally bought the skimmer it KZ headquarters in Cologne, Germany. I’ve used this skimmer for almost two years now, and I’m very happy with it. I never had to make much adjustment, it just works.


The daily maintenance consisted of checking the equipment, temperature, and feeding/checking the inhabitants. I checked if all the inhabitants were there, and make sure their behavior was normal. I cleaned the skimmer when the cup is full, every 3-4 days. Cleaning of the glass was done every 2-3 days.
Topp-off was done by a kalkwasser Reactor.
Calcium and Alkalinity was added by a Schuran Jetstream II in the beginning, later I switched to the Balling Method. I’m very happy with the change I made.


Apogon Leptacanthus
Acanthurus Coeruleus
Acanthurus Triostegus
Zebrasoma Flavescens
Salarias Fasciatus
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia


Acropora Desalwii
Acropora Prostrata
Acropora Formosa
Acropora Microphthalma

Montipora Confusa
Montipora Digitata
Montipora Hirsuta

Poccilopora Damicornis

Seriatopora Caliendrum
Seriatopora Hystrix

Favia spec.
Fungia spec.
Pectinia spec.

Zoanthus spec.

Other invertebrates;

Echinometra spec.
Trochus niloticus


The fish were fed 2-3 times daily with small amounts of food. 2 times dry food, and one time frozen food. I vary with the food from day to day, to create some alternation.


O.S.I. Spirulina Flakes
New Life Spectrum Thera A+ granules
Frozen Mysis
Frozen Artemia

At the RE Headquarters, picking up the skimmer. Unfortunately not the one next to me…

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  1. Hi Leonardo,

    Hope you are well. I wanted to get your input on the AquaConnect lamps – why did you go for these lamps? Have you found anything better (apart from T5 only). I’m asking as I considering the AC lamps but just wanted some more info before buying a lamp as they’re the most expensive lamp at the moment.


  2. Hello Curvball, I’m good, thank you. Hope you are well too. According to Sanjay’s measurements, AC lamps are the best PAR per Watt, plus they have a crisp white/blueish color, which I also prefer.
    Next to that the Lifespan is far longer then most bulbs, when I remember correctly Sanjay also did an article comparing different brands. I will try to find it for you.
    Just in case you didn’t know, Phoenix bulbs are exactly the same, and a bit less expensive in the US I think.

    I don’t see any benefits compared to T5 besides aesthetic aspects (shimmer effect).

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