Nature by Numbers

Posted on March 22, 2010 | 3 comments

This beautiful video below shows how the Golden Ratio exists and appears in nature, from the shell of a Nautilus to the shape of a sunflower.
Not only can you keep it in the back of your mind when diving or watching a Trochus snail cleaning you front pane, but also when designing and creating an aquascape for your tank, and arranging corals. Because the Golden Ratio is appearing everywhere in nature, using it to design and create an Aquascape will give you much more natural and exiting result.
For hundreds of years Chinese and Japanese gardeners implemented this law into their (rock) landscaping designs, called Iwagumi. More recently aquarists like Mr Amano used it to create his impressive aquascapes.

Video by Cristóbal Vila and Etéra Studios via
Images by|tbSmith and Thomas Shahan|CC

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  1. All those posts about the golden ratio, Fibonacci’s number etc. Makes me very excited to see what you are going to do with your aquascape (and designing my own).
    Thank you for posting this, it’s definitely a fascinating subject, especially applying it in a reef tank environment.


  2. BTW,
    A nice iwagumi reef aquascape that you might be interested in:

  3. It a fool proof way to aquascape. Have used this ratio for my planted and reef tank.

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